A Load of Hooey

Book Review: “A Load of Hooey” by Bob Odenkirk

From the Dallas Comedy House blog: Mr. Bob Odenkirk was late for our lunch date. […]

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Computer Science Solves Successful Fiction

Computer scientists over at Stony Brook University have figured out what makes one fiction book more successful over another.


Books Read in 2013

As I’ve done in the past, here’s the list of books I read this year. […]

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin Profile

I had the opportunity to interview Temple Grandin this past summer, and it’s featured in the November issue of The Meeting Professional.

Ugly Employees Are Targets of Abuse at Work

Studies show that disagreeable and physically unattractive employees received more abuse from their coworkers.

French Flag

Singing Helps You Learn a Foreign Language

According to a new study, singing in a foreign language can improve learning of the language.

Tickle by Caroline

Fish Linked to Hand Gestures

You can blame fish for why you gesticulate when you talk.

New Interactive Projector Being Built

Carnegie Mellon University researchers recently developed an interactive touch interface.

Notes from Seth Godin by Lauren Manning

What Change Are You Trying to Make In People?

Seth Godin requests that you ask, ““What change am I trying to make in the people I work with?”

Jason Roberts

My Latest Feature Article: “Creating Community”

My latest article is a feature profile of Jason Roberts, a tireless advocate for city development, a musician, and an overall great guy.

The History of Luminous Motion

The History of Luminous Motion

Scott Bradfield’s great first novel is now available as a Kindle download.


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