My name is Jason Hensel, and I’m a musician and writer living in Dallas, Texas. I play in the band Ashburne Glen. We’re still around, though we’re taking our sweet time recording and releasing our third album. Oh, and I’m also an improv performer at the Dallas Comedy House, and I contribute to its blog. If you’re seeking a freelance writer, contact me. Thank you.

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For the curious, I think this Slate article will help clarify my portmanteau name (pimplomat= pimp + diplomat):

“But the word [pimp] has seen a renaissance of sorts, with a strong increase in use in recent years. Media attention to (and glamorization of) the stereotype of the inner-city pimp brought such terms as pimpmobile and pimp walk—an ostentatious swagger affected chiefly by African-American men—to public attention in the 1970s. More recently, we’ve seen the advent of a range of benign figurative uses. We can now pimp our possessions, making them flashily decorated or customized, a use mainstreamed by MTV’s car-detailing show, Pimp My Ride. An attractive or appealing man may be called a pimp, and this is viewed as a positive description. To describe something using the accolade pimping is to mark it as wonderful or exciting. Jay-Z’s 2001 hit ‘Big Pimpin” used the term as shorthand for a livin’-large lifestyle.”
–Jesse Sheidlower, editor at large of the Oxford English Dictionary

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