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Computer Science Solves Successful Fiction

Computer scientists over at Stony Brook University have figured out what makes one fiction book more successful over another.

Singing Helps You Learn a Foreign Language

According to a new study, singing in a foreign language can improve learning of the language.

Fish Linked to Hand Gestures

You can blame fish for why you gesticulate when you talk.

Where is the Meetings Industry Science Fair?

Let’s make it rewarding to students to help fix our challenges. Let’s give them a meaty reason to be involved in associations and the industry.

The Mediterranean Diet Benefits

The Mediterranean diet can help you live longer and improve memory.

Facebook Use Can Increase Cognitive Performance

Jokes about elderly people using technology are plentiful. Yes, it can be humorous to tease those that have a hard time with technology. But the truth is that there are benefits if the elderly (really, any age) are willing to learn something new. Let’s take Facebook, for instance. Janelle Wohltmann, a psychology graduate student at…

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Exhausted Women are Hypersensitive to Sound

FYI, guys, if an exhausted woman is stressed out, keep the noise level to a minimum. According a study from Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm University’s Stress Research Institute, women suffering from stress-related exhaustion show hypersensitivity to sounds. The study exposed 208 women and 140 men, ages 23 to 71–all emotionally exhausted–to five minutes of physical…

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Hot Chocolate’s Taste Influenced by Cup Color

Color is a powerful persuader. Red cars appear faster than other cars. Blue rooms are relaxing and help spur creativity. Now you can add that orange or cream-colored containers cause hot chocolate to taste better. “The color of the container which serves food and drinks can enhance some of its attributes, such as taste or…

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Greed Is More Often Paid Forward Than Generosity

Paying it forward is a great concept and one that should be practiced more often. However, it’s more common to find people repaying greed with greed. “The idea of paying it forward is this cascade of goodwill will turn into a utopia with everyone helping everyone,” said lead researcher Kurt Gray, PhD. “Unfortunately, greed or…

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Take One Step at a Time on Stairs

My office is located on the 17th floor of a glass building in Dallas. There are four elevators that can take me to my floor quickly, depending on the time of day. During times that I’m waiting for an elevator’s doors to open, I’ve often considered taking the stairs and walking up all 17 flights…

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