Hearing With Your Hands

There are people who can’t talk unless they’re gesturing. But maybe their hand movements are doing more than helping them speak. Perhaps they’re helping them hear. According to researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center, what[…]

Erasing Fear From Your Brain

The emotion of fear can be erased from the brain, according to researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden. Take it away, Uppsala news center: When a person learns something, a lasting long-term memory is created[…]

I’m Sorry, Your Name Is…?

I’ve taken improvisation lessons for more than two years now. While it has helped improve my listening skills, I still forget people’s names at times. And as someone who works in the meeting industry, forgetting[…]

Review: Imagine

There was much talk about innovation and creativity in 2011. In fact, I heard or saw the word innovation so much that its mention would bring on waves of hostility in me. Everyone talked about[…]