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Computer Science Solves Successful Fiction

Computer scientists over at Stony Brook University have figured out what makes one fiction book more successful over another.

Ugly Employees Are Targets of Abuse at Work

Studies show that disagreeable and physically unattractive employees received more abuse from their coworkers.

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Singing Helps You Learn a Foreign Language

According to a new study, singing in a foreign language can improve learning of the language.

New Interactive Projector Being Built

Carnegie Mellon University researchers recently developed an interactive touch interface.

The Piano by Leo

It Takes More Than Practice

Practice is not enough to reach an elite level of performance.

Days of wine and salad by Jeremy Keith

The Mediterranean Diet Benefits

The Mediterranean diet can help you live longer and improve memory.

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4 Words That Set Pinterest Apart From Other Sites

Understanding motivations behind Pinterest is beneficial for businesses that want to use the site for marketing.

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When to Avoid Face-to-Face Meetings

Imagine you are planning to meet someone for a business deal. You have the choice […]

World Leaders Draw Attention to Central Role of Women’s Political Participation in Democracy by UN Women

Study Says Women Make Better Leaders Than Men

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada would like to set everyone straight: Women make for […]

Facebook Use Can Increase Cognitive Performance

Jokes about elderly people using technology are plentiful. Yes, it can be humorous to tease […]

How an Us-Versus-Them Attitude is Key to Motivation

I’m very competitive. Now, I can be a good sport about losing (most of the […]

Chew on This

Here’s some news to chew on. According to a new study from Cardiff University, chewing […]


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