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The Rewind Button is a group blogging project that I’m participating in. We’re taking on Rolling Stone‘s Top 40 albums of all time and writing our own reviews of them. There will be a new album and review each Thursday.

The Clash London CallingLondon Calling
33-year-old male
London, England
seeking males and females, 17-64

Have Kids: No

Want Kids: No

Ethnicity: White

Body Type: Skinny

Height: Tall

Religion: No comment

Smoke: All the time

Drink: All the time

Favorite Hot Spots: The Black Swan, Dingwalls, various pubs around London

Favorite Things: Rockabilly, ska, reggae, punk music, drugs, football, talking politics

Last Book Read: I read newspapers all the time, more so than books.

For Fun: I love to rebel-rouse. All my friends would call me the life of the party. And music. Oh my god, music is my life. Well, that, and playing football. When I’m out at the pub–I go there a lot–people say I’m pretty surly. I’m not really. I just come across that way because, you know, there’s so much wrong in the world and I feel people should do more to correct it. I seem to just take it upon myself, and that makes me a little sour toward people. I think people should be allowed to be themselves, but society constantly pushes them into the cubes and tries to form them into blocks that they can stack one on top of the other. I’m want to topple that stack. I want to throw a beanbag into and bring it all down. That’s how I know I’m winning in this world, that’s how I know I’m somebody. But, man, it’s so hard. So most of the time, I just chill in my room with beers and friends and we listen to some music. We don’t care what kind. If we enjoy it, we listen to it. That’s why people call me a punk, because I don’t give a fuck. But I do in a way. It’s weird, I only care because I want to care, not because someone tells me to care. That’s what’s fun to me. Doing things my way and not boxing myself in. If you’re cool with that, write me.

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  1. Hands down, the most creative and interesting post of this project thus far. The bar has been raised Rewinders.

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